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Common FAQs

If you have more questions not covered here. Please send a message to the discord server or simply raise an issue or propose a PR on the documentation repo.

Little do people know that among all Greek letters, Sigma is a special one. Not only because it’s the Greek for S and S for SkyeKiwi(duh..), but also because it’s the only Greek letter that can be written in three ways: uppercase β€œΞ£β€, lowercase β€œΟƒβ€ and lowercase in word-final position β€œΟ‚β€ and English likely adopt β€œΟ‚β€ as β€œS” (they do look alike, right?). We make our logo to honor the Greeks’ letter Sigma but intentionally leave out the β€œΟ‚β€ ( at a word-final position :) ), to keep this a secret (Shhhh... ). To read more on this fun Greek fact. Link